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At Pink Leaf, we aim to revolutionize periods by providing natural, affordable and effective period products that are gentle to your skin and kind to the planet. We want to send a loud and clear message that your period may be a natural action , as normal as eating or sleeping. And talking about menstruation should never be considered a taboo. Your “that time of the month” is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, period is an important part of all human life because it marks the start of womanhood. We firmly believe that no girl or woman should miss a chance to succeed in full potential at college or work due to lack of access to sanitary pads. We partner with like-minded NGOs to organize workshops on Menstrual Health, which provides us an avenue to vary people’s mindset about Periods. We donate pads to girls in need, educate them about their bodies, teach them good hygiene practices, & encourage open conversations around menstruation.

Our pads are compostable and biodegradable. Super thin, ultra absorbent and touch dry against your skin, you’ll trust “Pink Leaf” together with your most intimate area. Read More

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Why Pinkleaf

Ultra-Thin Sanitary Pad


Pack of 6 Pads (Free 1 Mini Pad Inside)

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Regular Sanitary Pad


Pack of 7 Pads

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What Our Customers Says ?

These pads are very soft & gentle on my skin. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for perfect organic pads or even anyone who wants to try something different from other generic brands

Garima / Teacher

3. The pads come in a very beautifully packed wrapper which makes it look very organized. The pads are really thin and soft but do a really good job of absorbing the liquid and maintaining the dryness for long. Moreover no rashes or itching, Go for it!!

Mahima / Student

Good length pad, awesome quality, comfortable to use, awesome packaging , easy to use and the best part is their complimentary mini pad which you can use in place of panty liners! What else do girls want?

Shakshi / Govt. Servent

These sanitary napkins are absolutely organic! Easy to use, amazing absorbing capacity, completely skin-friendly, no rashes or itching. The plus point with this brand is their biodegradable bag with oxy technology- A complete win-win situation!

Kavita / Teacher

These pads are amazing. Very comfortable and they feel cleaner. I have no rashes and they are surprisingly absorbent!! You won’t regret buying at all.

Ritika / Student

Let's Take Care of Environment Together

Pinkleaf comes with free sanitary napkin disposable bags inside the pack to ensure 100% hygiene and safety. Let’s make this world a better place together!



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